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Sampson Transmission is the premier Transmission and auto repair shop in the Hamilton GTA. Kevin and Roger Sampson are renowned for their commitment to provide leading quality automotive repair and customer satisfaction.

Certified Professionals

Our team is comprised of Master Mechanics and senior automotive technicians and specialists

Award Winning Reputation

Voted the Readers Choice Awards best transmission shop in Hamilton

Trusted and Affordable

We are driven to provide ultimate customer satisfaction at the best rates possible

Our History

Sampson Transmission has been owned and operated by brothers Kevin and Roger since 2004. Working together, they have earned an excellent reputation for their high level of customer service. The goal at Sampson Transmission is to meet and exceed their customers automotive needs.


They are known for a high level of communication and customer relationships. Sampson Transmission provides excellent diagnostic technology and vehicle inspection for their customers. Kevin and Roger strive to communicate the best options available to you when your vehicle requires servicing.

Readers Choice Platinum Award


Sampson Transmission


Transmission and so much more...


With an accurate diagnosis of your vehicle’s transmission, Sampson Transmission is often able to repair your transmission with adjustments, replacing external seals, or replacing parts instead of resorting to complete overhaul.

New & Used Transmission Replacements

Replacing your transmission is an option. Used transmissions have to be assessed based on the year of the vehicle it came from, mileage and warranty available. New transmissions are mostly found in new vehicle manufacturing and will cost more than a used one. Aftermarket transmissions may be billed as new but may in fact have been rebuilt with all new parts. Whether new or used, a replacement transmission is an option to be considered.

Work with the transmission you already have

If your transmission requires advanced repair, Sampson Transmission has years of experience rebuilding transmissions. Sampson Transmission has the knowledge and technology to rebuild transmissions with new parts to restore it to its original performance.




Sampson Transmission uses leading-edge diagnostic equipment to quickly and accurately access your transmission or other performance problems with your vehicle. Today's vehicles come equipped with complex computer systems. Their technology can talk to your car's computer systems to find the specific transmission problems.



Differential Repair

Your rear differential needs lubricant changes too. When people think of fluid changes in their car or truck they usually think of oil changes. But all lubricants in your car need to be changed regularly. A lubricant is there to help prevent friction. If differential lubricant breaks down, friction begins to occur at a more rapid rate and that’s when damage occurs. For a rear differential service shop that you can count on for fast and effective repairs, look no further than Sampson Transmission.

We change your differential fluid and the gasket at the same time to prevent leaks. This gives your vehicles's differential system the new lubricant that it needs to prevent gears and bearings from wearing out prematurely.

Differentials play an important part in how your rear wheels move. A differential ensures that your rear wheels can rotate at different speeds while you are making a turn. Without a properly functioning differential the rear tires would spin at the same speed through a turn, causing the outer rear tire to skid.

Sampson Transmission provides the best differential repair service and replacement. We provide free estimates, diagnostics and have the best certified mechanics in the area.

Tip: For any four-wheel drive vehicles, combining worn with new tires can cause operating problems with your transfer-case and differential systems.


Differential Repair

Repair and Services

  • Transmission Maintenance Service
  • 21 Point Transmission Multi-Check & Road Test
  • Transmission Fluid Top Up
  • Check Engine Light Scan & Diagnosis
  • Transmission Service
  • General Automotive Servicing
  • Oil Changes
  • Fluid Top Ups
  • Shuttle Service


Repair and Services


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